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That's all you've got to sell your idea, product or service.

Does your advert do the job?

The average person sees hundreds of advertising messages a day. So you only have one or two seconds to stop your potential customer turning the page or throwing your mailing in the bin. You need to get your message across - fast.

We've got 15 years experience of writing adverts that work, and cumulative sales of over 100 million to prove it.

So whether you need a simple magazine advert or a flyer, a brochure or a direct mail piece, we can help you create an advert that will really sell you to your potential customers.

One happy customer said about a letter we wrote for him:
"I've read it and it's nothing short of genius."
Genius might be a bit strong, but I'm sure you'll like what we write for you.


What are your mail-order competitors up to? What are they advertising and where? What are they mailing to their customers?

We track mail-order advertising and direct mail programmes, and we can give you a monthly report of what your competitor is up to, including copies of all their adverts and mailings.

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Why use me? Anyone can write an advert, can't they?

Well, here's a test. Write down in 7 words or less, what you can do for your customer. You've got just 7 words to sell yourself and your company? Can you do it?

You probably can't do it. We may not be able to do it either. But we can write the 7 words that get your customer interested and want them to read more. Then we can tell your story and convince your reader that they just HAVE TO deal with you.

This is not about using gimmicks or shock value - people have seen them all now. You need a killer headline and great presentation of your product or service.


We work with a number of clients to translate adverts into English from other languages. Why use us to organise the translation? Because translation is not enough - the English translation needs to work as an advert here too.

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We've worked in all areas, from large mail order companies and household name brands to business services. We've also worked extensively with charities, community groups and political campaigns.

Want to discuss an idea? Just give us a call or drop us an email. There's no charge for a quick chat. So what have you got to lose?

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